If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

- Isaac Newton (1676)

Web application development

Web interface was developed by Vitaly Sedlyarov, Günther Leitgeb and Philipp Fischer. "TTP Binding Atlas" logo is a kind gift of Florian Ebner. All the server-side components and website content were implemented and prepared by Vitaly Sedlyarov and Philipp Fischer.

Also thanks to thank Prof. Pavel Kovarik, Florian Ebner, Virginia Castiglia, Masha Ivin, Laura Wandruszka, Jakob Huemer, Marton Janos, Kevin Eislmayr for useful comments on the web-site content. Many thanks to Florian Ebner for useful discussions on database design. Special thanks to my wife Nadia Sedlyarova for help and useful comments on design and content of the website.

Web application background

The website runs on Apache2 web-server. All the plotting scripts are written in python.

I would like to thank the developers of the undermentioned python modules for excelent job which made my life much easier.

I am using Canterell font designed by Dave Crossland.

The gene information and transcript models were retrieved from Ensembl and UCSC.